Woman Gives Fast Food Employee $10,000 Coat


Cheryl Semien is a cashier at Whataburger in Liberty, Texas. On Wednesday, Dec. 17, she was working at 10 a.m., which is kind of a shame, because it was her birthday.
When a customer came into the drive-thru at Semien’s Whataburger wearing a mink coat, Semien casually complimented her, telling her she thought her coat was beautiful.

“She was a perfect stranger. I didn’t know this lady from nowhere,” Semien told ABC affiliate KTRK. “I didn’t see her come through my drive-thru window as long as I’ve been at Whataburger, for nine years.”

The woman’s response to Semien’s compliment? She took off her coat and gave it to Semien, passing it through the drive-thru window.

KTRK eventually caught up with the woman, who asked only to be identified as Nadine. “The lady said, ‘That’s a beautiful coat,’ and she was so sweet,” Nadine told the station. “So I took…

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