Meet the Man Who Spent $60,000 on Christmas


Sammy Nahas, a 38-year-old electrician, is a guy’s guy, according to photographer Dana Ullman. Ullman has been documenting Nahas’ preparations for the holiday season since September, although planning is a year-round task.

“It’s like Harley Davidson meets Christmas,” says Nahas. “Would I picture me doing this? No. I sew for God’s sake. If you asked me 10 or 15 years ago if I could sew, I’d say you were out of your mind.”

On Staten Island, Christmas decorations are taken very seriously. Talking about Christmas trees, Santa’s elves, reindeer, and toy soldiers “makes everyday men Kings of Christmas,” Ullman says.

Nahas has spent over $100,000 on Christmas decorations in the last three years. This year alone, he estimates spending around $60,000.

The extravagant display takes extreme effort all year round. It requires almost 3,000 square feet of storage space, 200,000 lights, and an entire house full of Christmas paraphernalia —…

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